A Theory Sure To Gicve Results Golf Fundamentals Seymour Dunn


Fundamental 12 Transmission Of Power

"The speed and power of hips, shoulders, arms and wrists must be transmitted to the club by the hands.

Therefore their effort must be equal to all the forces combined. A golfer is like a chain - no stronger than the weakest link. The hands are the weak link of every golfer no matter how strong his hands may be.

Therefore the combined effort of all of the several sources of power must be kept within the carrying capacity of the player's hands, or they will collapse and the stroke will be ruined.

When the hands work as they should, the player can actually feel that he is bending the club shaft on the ball. If you cannot feel this you will not get the distance of which you are capable.

The majority of players who fail in transmission of power, do so because their left hand fails to act as a fulcrum for the right hand to strike against.

The left hand has to "bear back against the right."

To understand this more fully, take a club in hand and press the face of it against any solid obstruction with enough force to bend the shaft. Maintain this pressure and ask yourself "What am I doing with the upper palm of my left hand?"

THE GOLFING SWING EXPLANATORY (1905) By G. W. BELDAM & J. H. TAYLOR "From Whence Did I Get My Power?"